CC Expanding sealer

CC Expanding Sealer consists of fine porous foam as compressed to a thickness of 2 mm. Cut the sealer in proper length and place into the gap between the frame and the side piece. After 1-3 hours the strip expands to its full thickness of 30 mm.


CC Expanding sealer adhesive

CC Sealer Adhesive has the same characteristics as the normal drive in addition to the adhesive side that attaches to most surfaces.


CC-Tape 30cc

When using CC tapes avoid postures that tears excessively hard on the knees, back, shoulders and neck. At the same time save you time. As the CC-tape is exact it will increase the construction quality.
30cc is also used to 90cc and 60cc.


CC-Tape 45cc

45cc has the same characteristics as 30cc. Only the dimensions are the difference. 45cc is a blue tape and 30cc is yellow.


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