Instructions for CC Expanding sealers

CC Expanding Sealer consists of fine porous foam as compressed to a thickness of 2 mm. Cut the sealer in proper length and place into the gap between the frame and the side piece. After 1-3 hours the strip expands to its full thickness of 30 mm.

Workflow with handtacker

1. Important that the side panels and frames are made of materials that work with a handtacker.

2. If there is no way to attach the CC Expanding Sealer to the side panels. Apply the CC Expanding Sealer to the window frame, make the CC Expanding Sealer a little bit longer to avoid cool draft.

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Approval 01/05/98
CC Expanding Sealer should be protected from moisture and UV-light with a list or sealants. The inside must be protected with a diffusion proof sealant or SITAC approved tape. Would some moisture afterall penetrate, there is no living organisms in the CC Expanding Sealer, it is humic-free, meaning that it can not possibly mold.