Background on the expanding sealer

The tar sealer is back. Carpenter Johan Stromberg has invented a modern variant of the foam.

The idea was Johan Strombergs. When he was working as a supervisor at Ugglarps Bygg in Falkenberg one of his workingpals was sealing windows. He sprayed sealingfoam containing isocyanates and must therefore undergo physical examination, as required for work with thermosetting resins.

Mr. Johan Stromberg pondered long on something that could replace sealingfoam. Now, the product is finished. It is a modern twist on tarsealer reminiscent of a licorice strip. It consists of fine porous foam compressed to 2 milimeters thickness. The binder allows the strip to expand slowly up to it’s full thickness, 30 millimeters.

It takes about an hour and a half. When using the expanding sealer instead of sealingfoam you will not be exposed to the dangerous isocyanates. the expanding sealer retains its elasticity. This makes it possible to adjust the window/door.

– Try to adjust a window where sealfoam has been used. It is not possible, it is rock hard, declares Mr Stromberg. Exactly what the binder is composed of is a secret, says Mr Stromberg. – But so much I can tell you that tar is an important part. Who managed to attract window manufacturers for their expanding sealer.